Jun 292008

Abbottsleigh had an Asia Day for their year 8 students. Tekee Media was asked to give workshops to girls through out the day, giving them a background on the culture of East Timor and then teaching them a traditional dance and song. The dances picked were from Suai, in the Cova Lima district of Timor. A unique dance is done in this district called the Likurai, a beautiful dance which requires quite a skill with arm and hand movements as well as very good balance. The girls learnt quickly and were able to present the dances in concert at the end of the Asia Day. Below are two likurai from Cova Lima Districts: the first dancers from Camanasa, the second dancers from Suai Loro.likurai-suai-loro.jpeg


Jun 292008

In August last year, the ABC aired a program Robyn Ravlich and Ros Dunlop put together on “Into the Music – A Musical Tais” and few days ago we were given the news that “A Musical Tais” has won a Finalist certificate in the New York Radio Festival. This is the link to the Into the Music website and the program audio will go up again, this time for download I have been told. See icon on right.



Jun 152008

Ros is going to Timor Leste in July to continue work on the recording of the Traditional Music of Timor Leste.  The Tekee Tokee Music Project has good examples of Traditional Music from 10 of the 13 districts now.  In August of 2007 the ABC did a feature program on the traditional Music in a program “A Musical Tais”, produced by Robyn Ravlich.  Therese Virtue of Boite in Melbourne and Thursday’s Children (a choir) were impressed by the program and have made a generous donation so that the project can continue to record the traditional music of the remaining districts.  The recordings this trip  will be from the Bobonaro and Liquica districts of Timor Leste,  it will no doubt be an interesting trip full of anecdotes and adventure.  We shall keep you posted.  The photos below are from the previous recording trip which was in the  Mt. Ramelau region of Timor, with photos of a small village near Hatobiliko (at the foot of Mt Ramelau) and from Mount Ramelau itself. It is not a difficult ascent to the summit,  but if you leave before dawn  (the night photo is a silouette of Mt Ramelau) spectacular views of all of Timor can be seen from the summit of the mountain, the Statue of The Virgin Mary was carried up the mountain by the Timorese, at the top of the Mountain it is freezing cold and usually a strong wind blows!