About Tekee Media Inc.


Tekee Media is primarily a music-based organisation whose members internationally-renowned composer: Martin Wesley-Smith and clarinettist Ros Dunlop – have travelled and performed extensively on the international concert circuit. The concerts have a central focus around social justice and human rights issues, and are multimedia performances.

In the course of their tours, Ros and Martin travelled to and presented concerts twice in East Timor in 2002. Since 2002 a project evolved which has become the central focus of Tekee Media’s particular interest in East Timor. The Music Recovery project evolved from those memorable trips. Tekee Media is now committed to helping the East Timorese revive their indigenous music and to put it to practical contemporary use through the education system in East Timor, and in school presentations throughout Australia, creating cultural exchanges and exploiting existing historical bonds between the two countries. Also to promote its performance in Australia and elsewhere.

The main activities and projects of Tekee Media include:

Tekee Media Music Performances
Concerts by Dunlop, and/or Wesley-Smith. In 2002, Dunlop and Wesley-Smith toured East Timor twice, giving audiovisual concerts in remote villages. On their return they gave three concerts of, mainly, multimedia pieces about East Timor. In 2003 Ros and Martin toured the UK and the USA. In 2005 they toured to England, Holland, Ireland, Lithuania, Scotland and the USA. In 2006 they toured New Zealand, going to both North and South Island. Planning for International Performances continues. Performances in Australia are ongoing.  A central theme in these concerts are human rights issues in the contemporary world.

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Tekee Tokee Tomak – School Presentations
An audio-visual presentation about East Timor for school students of all ages, even pre schoolers have enjoyed the presentation which involves video and live performance. There are plenty of colourful displays which are hands on, appealing to students.

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Tekee Tokee Tomak – Music Recovery Project
The ambitious Tekee Tokee Tomak Music Recovery Project, designed to collect (record, transcribe), arrange, publish and perform traditional music of East Timor.

In May 2010 The US State Department awarded Tekee Media a grant to produce a book, CD and DVD on the Traditional Music, in Tetun and English with the prime target being the young people of East Timor, as well as those interested in the musical traditions of East Timor. This book is now published – Lian Husi Klamar – Sounds of the Soul : The traditional music of East Timor as a book with accompanying CD and DVD and a children’s colouring in book.

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Art Student Support – José de Jesus Amaral (“Tony”)
Tekee Media Inc sponsored a young art student from East Timor. José de Jesus Amaral (“Tony”), from Arte Moris in Dili was sponsored for the duration of his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at The National Art School in Sydney.  Prior to commencement of BFA NAS, Tony was a student at Arte Moris a free art school in East Timor, with whom Tekee Media has been affiliated. Tony graduated with his BFA NAS in 2011 and returned to East Timor in that year, he is now the Artistic Director of Arte Moris and exhibits regularly.

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Lian Husi Klamar – Sounds of the Soul : The Traditional Music of Timor-Leste
This is the first book to be published about the traditional music of East Timor. It is bilingual and image rich with over 200 full colour images in its 160 pages. It will appeal to those interested in the traditional culture of Timor, particularly its music, as well as the visual splendour of the country. The children’s colouring book is designed to appeal to young children, particularly Timorese as a way of engaging them in their traditional music culture, there is a publication in tetun and a separate publication in english. Tekee Media encourages people to download it from this website as a free publication as a way of promoting the musical culture of Timor to younger generations.

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