Jul 242009

In April I went to Timor primarily to organise the trip in July when we were to take 4 teachers up and do a concert to launch Hadahur the music school.  Whilst much was done in that trip for that purpose, I was asked spontaneously at the last minute to go to a special thanksgiving festival for the traditional instruments up in Fatubesse. that was amazing, we were in an uma lulic for hours, the smoke from the huge fire cooking inside the house was intense and we had to keep coming out for air, but in spite of nearly gagging several times (even the Timorese with me!) we witnessed a pretty special ceremony with thanks for the lakadou, tohi (big bass drum), babadoks (smaller drums), gongs, and fuis. I witnessed 12 sacrificial chickens and was surprised how silently and quickly they died!  In all a terrific night up in the mountains and I felt very privaleged to be there!

click on the photos below to enlarge them!babadoks  babadoks

babadok & feto            Woman playing babadok            gongs gonglakadou & swords  lakadou & swords

manuel & babdok Manuel Pereira giving thanks for the babadoklakadou & boy  Manuel & student playing lakadou

tohi drummers  demonstration of the playing of the Tohi (bass drum)

tohi warrior   a fearsome Tohi warrior!