Jul 242009

scholarship to the national Art School in Sydeny doing a bachelor of Fine Arts),  went to Darwin to give a series of workshops for Children as part of the exhibition the Darwin Museum had running from November to July 2009.  Here are afew photos from that trip,  the kids who went had a great time, particularly with the hands on aspects of the exhibition!

woman’s tais and accessoriesfishing TImorese styleBoy playing lakadougirl in tais outfit a bit shy!ready-for-a-timorese-feast.jpg  child in traditional dress with babadok

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cave-drawings-tutuala.jpgcave paintings cave paintings, Tutuala….we spent afew hours hacking through the jungle to get to these it was dark when we made it.

Alfeo and Mellie were our guides for this tripalfeo and Mellie our guides

Fataluca chant singers Fataluca chant sung to us by these old Tutuala women.

lulic cave Caves like these house bones of ancestors,  quite afew in the cliffs from Tutuala.  The ground is very hard in this part of Timor, which may account for bones being placed in caves.  Our friend was not so happy scaling the cliff down to the cave!
scaling the cliff to the lulic cave

The rest of that trip was devoted to the music school, teaching students,  hunting down those who might support out quest for funding.  We knew we had a singing teacher in Australia interested in starting skype lessons with singers in Timor, so much was done to organise them for skype lessons. Our location at I net was no longer reliable, I net was having too many problems with viruses, so  a lot of time was spent trying to find another venue.  Eventually Centro Juvenile agreed we could use their facility for skype, which has proven quite good overall.