About Martin Wesely-Smith


Martin Wesley-Smith is an eclectic composer at home in a diverse range of idioms.
Two main themes dominate his music: the life, work and ideas of Lewis Carroll (e.g. the chamber piece Snark-Hunting, the choral piece Songs for Snark-Hunters, and the full-length choral music theatre piece Boojum!); and the plight of the people of East Timor (e.g. the “audio-visual music theatre” piece Quito – about schizophrenia and East Timor – which has been performed many times in many countries by The Song Company). One of his pieces – For Marimba & Tape – is the most-performed piece of Australian so-called “serious art-music” (it exists in versions for other instruments, too, including For Clarinet & Tape). For many years Director of the Electronic Music Studio at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Wesley-Smith is now a full-time composer.

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