Jul 242009

School presentations are given by Tekee Media every year.  Our bookings are now open for those wanting the presentation in their school.  It is suitable for many subjects in schools, geography, history, music, art, social justice programs to name but a few.  double click on the icon to see the pamflets. Contacts for bookings as for the web site.


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Jun 292008

Abbottsleigh had an Asia Day for their year 8 students. Tekee Media was asked to give workshops to girls through out the day, giving them a background on the culture of East Timor and then teaching them a traditional dance and song. The dances picked were from Suai, in the Cova Lima district of Timor. A unique dance is done in this district called the Likurai, a beautiful dance which requires quite a skill with arm and hand movements as well as very good balance. The girls learnt quickly and were able to present the dances in concert at the end of the Asia Day. Below are two likurai from Cova Lima Districts: the first dancers from Camanasa, the second dancers from Suai Loro.likurai-suai-loro.jpeg


Jun 152008

The Tekee Tokee Tomak School Presentation, visited Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus on the 30th May. This is the 4th year of the presentation at this State High School. The year 11 group of this school actively raise funds to help the high school of Maliana, in Timor Leste. Through the project the students develop a fantastic awareness of one of their nearest neighbours and come to realise how lucky and privileged their own lives are! The photo is of the teacher behind the project in Timor Wayne Collcott, with Ros Dunlop the presenter, Ros is dressed in the traditional dress for women. Great work for 3 years now by Sydney Secondary College.