Oct 042012

The publication in Tetun and English of the book Lian Husi Klamar: Musika Tradisional Husi Timor-Leste (Sounds of the Soul: The Traditional Music of East Timor) was a culmination of ten years research which became known as “The Music Recovery Project : Tekee Tokee Tomak”. The book Lian Husi Klamar, or Sounds of the Soul was made possible through a rich collaboration of musical and visual artists from East Timor, and supported by a grant from the United States Ambassadors’ fund For Cultural Preservation.

Author and musician Ros Dunlop made her first trip to Timor-Leste in April 2002 with Timor activist brothers Robert and Martin Wesley-Smith. Ros and Martin gave concerts of Martin’s audiovisual pieces about East Timor. They were enchanted by Timor-Leste’s land, people and culture – especially it’s traditional music. Wanting to give something in return, Ros began visiting Timor-Leste regularly to record this special music. To do this, she needed the help of many Timorese citizens. The skilled musicians who were acutely aware of the importance of recording their music for posterity and the translators and assistants who helped to organise the recording sessions. These artists from Arte Moris Art School and the young Timorese from the audiovisual archive, Centro Archivo Max Stahl Timor-Leste understood the importance of a permanent record being made. Without their help this project would not have happened.

To order multiple copies contact rosdunlop@tekeemedia.com.

Sep 262011

Dame ba rai neb’e maka iha problema – “Peace to this troubled country”

Tony Amaral

Tony Amaral is a Timorese Artist who is a recent graduate from the National Art School, Sydney, Australia. He is currently artist in residence at Arte Moris. His first solo exhibition opened at Arte Moris Gallery, Arte Moris Comoro, Dili, East Timor on September 24th. It will run for 2 weeks. Tony is an consummate artist, the exhibition is powerful, and deserving of international recognition. Tony says” We all know that the function of the news media in a democratic nation is an important one. For instance, the role of journalists is to help build a national conscience and affect social transformation. In part, the job of artists is the same.” In his first solo exhibition Tony has used mixed media collages with a focus on newspaper clippings to create a retrospective on the past half – year.  He has used Timor’s local papers along with bold colours and stencils to tell a story of a nation that, to his mind, is continuing to experience a crisis of faith in development and governance, which in turn is impacting people’s sense of harmony. Below is an image of the painting at the centre of the exhibition. The work is for sale, please do contact Tekee Media via email or artemoris through facebook www.facebook.com/ArteMorisTimorLeste for a link to full images please go to : or if you are a facebook friend of Ros Dunlop go to facebook for the album of full size images. There are still paintings for sale from this wonderful exhibition with prices ranging from $200 to $900 US. click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Better quality images on above sites.