May 202008

Today May 20th celebrates 6 years of Independence and the birth of the Nation Timor Leste. Maria Regina Catholic School is another school embarking on the friendship schools program. They had day devoted to awareness about Timor Leste.  Tekee Tokee Tomak School Presentation was part of that.  The presentation was for the whole school,  from kindergarten to year 6.  Lots of stories, featuring of course the crocodile!  A lot of tais(timorese weavings) and knick knacks were sold, even Timorese Dolls made by women’s weaving groups in Timor.  All these sales go to helping these women sustain their families.  This little school is doing its bit to help Timor!  three cheers for the children of Maria Regina Catholic Primary School.  The feedback on the presentation was great,  they wished we had more time!  But….school ends at 3pm and so did the presentation!  If you want to book the presentation please go to the contacts page and send an email or phone us! Hope to hear from you soon!